Is a co-working space good for your start-up?

Recently one of the hottest verticals has been co-working and shared business spaces. Think Zipcar but instead of on demand cars it’s on demand meeting rooms. If you read any magazines like Entrepreneur or Inc you probably have seen at least a dozen of these types of businesses pop up so somebody must be using […]

How to Form an LLC

Along with our POS system, Launchpad’s goal is to provide small business owners with any useful information we find along the way.  Forming a LLC can provide many benefits to  small business’s and I thought I might shed some light on the LLC subject. First of all, its important to determine the difference between a sole prop and […]

Banning Emails

An  interesting article was published  today on about a tech firm that actually wants to do away with internal company emails.  My first reaction was to laugh and say these guys are crazy but after reading further it sounded like this firm may be on to something. Thierry Brenton from the French tech company Atos […]

ATM fees waived for commercials? – ATM users could soon be able to opt out of ATM surcharges by agreeing to watch an advertisement in the same amount of time it takes for a typical transaction. Clinton Townsend, a 25-year old Brooklyn, N.Y., resident from New Jersey, is founder and CEO of Free ATMs NYC. He created an ATM […]

Carrier IQ: logging and stealing your phone data and is on almost all smartphones

Huffington Post: A security researcher has posted a video detailing hidden software installed on smart phones that logs numerous details about users’ activities. In a 17-minute video posted Monday on YouTube, Trevor Eckhart shows how the software – known as Carrier IQ – logs every text message, Google search and phone number typed on a […]

Google Places helps us find your business! – Have you ever been in an airport and wondered where you were, or where you should go next? Maybe you wanted to find a particular store in a mall, or wanted to find a specific department in a retail store. In the olden days, you’d have to look for a sign, check a […]

Facebook settles with FTC over deception charges. Are you following your privacy policies?

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is settling with the Federal Trade Commission over charges it deceived consumers with its privacy settings to get people to share more personal information than they originally agreed to. The FTC had charged that the social network told people they could keep the information they share private, then allowed it […]

Cyber Attack Damage on American Businesses

In previous posts Launchpad POS has mentioned how important it is to keep your data secure as well as companies who have been breached.  The cost associated with these attacks and breaches is staggering. Data breach incidents have cost US businesses 4 million dollars in lost revenue. The 2010 Annual Study: US Cost of Data Breach by Ponemon Innstitute […]

Are deal a day promotions worth it for your business?

There is a large ROI discussion involved here but I just wanted to quickly chime in on the consumer side. Over the recent months the explosion of the daily deal sites has really watered down the consumer’s interest and is almost seen as spam by some. I get about 8-10 different offers every morning and […]

Popular Wine Site Breached –  Earlier today patrons of Wine Library received an email informing them that the credit card information they had used to sign up to the site may have been compromised in a data breach. The site is the hub of NYTBest Selling Author Gary Vaynerchuk’s family business, made famous by his popular and now retired television show Wine […]